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This Beer Mug is made from the highest standard thick glass for outstanding durability. Heavy bottom and thick walls make this mug stand out in quality among other standard mugs. Traditional beer mug design with an artwork-like bottom to upgrade your drinking experience, indulge in every sip with your buddies, colleagues with these beer mugs. perfect handheld size with a solid handle for beer lovers and drinking game fanatics. Have them out on tailgate parties, birthdays, parties, movie night, poker and game night, or just about any celebration with friends and family, these glasses can also hold juice, milk, tea, healthy shakes, soda or soft drink, and even your daily cup of coffee.

Care Instruction: Don’t scrape on the printing with sharp tools, wash gently with mild detergent, avoid harsh abrasives.

Safe Delivery: The product will be packed and delivered in a 3-layer Thermocol packaging box so that it can reach you safely without any breakage.

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