With a Oneness Design Philosophy,

With a Oneness Design Philosophy,


When Samsung’s product designers set out to create the new Galaxy S8, their approach was to look at the overall experience, with both hardware and software working together with the user. They wanted to design a device that would blend seamlessly into your life by achieving harmony between technology, design and human nature.
The designers carefully examined every aspect of the smartphone: From shape and form, the materials used, how it felt in the hand and its colors, to advanced functionality and user experience. They then went back to the very essence of the device in developing the Galaxy S8, focusing on creating more natural interactions, with fewer interferences for a seamless experience for users.
Arriving at the end-result that became the Galaxy S8, Samsung’s team of designers removed all unnecessary technical elements to create more natural interactions, achieving total design refinement, with a stripped back, bezel-less display and removing the home button for immersive interaction.
The idea of “becoming one with nature” is much more than just an adage to live by, but rather an existential approach that should transcend our daily routines. This same concept of “Oneness” can also be applied to product design, especially with devices like the smartphones which we constantly touch and interact with all throughout the day as a gateway to our digital lives.
Born from the idea of neutrality and integrating naturally into an environment, the Galaxy S8’s harmonious design is inspired by the smooth edges of a pebble, built for easy one handed control, combining form and function with neutral rounded lines. The product designers responsible for the Galaxy S8 solved the conceptual dilemma known as the “paradox of size” by maximizing the front surface, in essence developing a bigger screen without the need for a bigger phone and allowing for a more natural flow from screen to real world with uninterrupted glass, more screen and less scrolling.


At a first glance, the Galaxy S8 captivates us with its rich, natural colors that draws upon the natural appearance of sunlight passing through a droplet of water. Samsung calls this “liquid shade,” and it is the inspiration behind the device’s color palette – Midnight Black, Arctic Silver, Orchid Gray, Coral Blue and Maple Gold.
The barrier-defying Infinity Display, draws the viewer in, with a wondrous bezel-less curved screen and a symmetrical, curved design creates a more immersive experience with the device, for both navigation and apps.
To complement the refined exterior design of the Galaxy S8, it was crucial for the user experience (UX) design to be built from the same “Oneness” philosophy, continuing that natural connection between the device and user.


The Galaxy S8’s Infinity wallpaper from the Always-On-Display, fluid navigation and redesigned iconography based on the organic lines and curves of the Galaxy S8, all work in sync to unlock the user experience, creating a seamless and continuous experience across displays.
With a design and UX that are based on natural interactions and movements, the Galaxy S8 is truly a meaningful innovation that is the perfect unity of design, technology and experience, that organically fits into our lives, aimed to compliment rather than complicate. By keeping their focus on “Oneness,” Samsung’s designers and engineers have created something that is more than just a piece of technology.


Source:-  Samsung mobile press